Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nokia N8 RM-596 Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 (111.040.1511) By Viral316

Nokia N8 RM-596 Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 (111.040.1511) By Viral316

This is my first CFW For Nokia N8 [RM-596]

Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 [111.040.1511]

Cooked Firmware Based on Nokia Belle Refresh v111.040.1511

Catalog For Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 :

- English Language Only
- Homescreen Setting and Arrangment [Max HS-100]
- More icon in power button with reboot
- Browser cache to E
- 4 page message symbols
- custome Profile [rename all profile names]
- New Camera Settings
- Hindi language For Nokia Dict.
- Active Call Duration & Summary Default
- Allow rename apps in menu & also create sub folders in folders
- save clipboard even after reboot
- Disable Active Diverts Notes Belle refresh
- SoundImprovementForBelle Refresh
- Tactile feedback in call connect
- Theme effects fron C\data\animations\effects
- Startup from C\data\animations
- Disable OVI signin
- Fp1 task manager
- Mod - Song Metadata Editing Belle
- Custom Equalizer Mod with New pre-defined Presets Dolby Equalizer
- Landscape & Portrait mode for Dialer & FM Radio also
- Tap-to-unlock autorotation mod
- Animation ScreenSaver (Anna)
- MusicPlayerScreeSaver
- SlideShowScreenSaver
- Alarm clock screensaver
- Bluetoot name to Nokia N8
- Call Image Chang by default frop [C\data\animations\person.jpg]
- Custom Logs Age Mod
- CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife and HD Games
- Pics-Vids Scan Locations - Exclusive Gallery-Videos scan mod
- Ram-UI-Heap size-System Cache
- Restore connection logs of GPRS & WLAN
- Restore connection popup when on data
- Phone as Modem functionality from E\system\Disk.iso
- Resume downloads on browser-restart
- Homepage Set to default
- Camera mute option available
- Extended zoom mod
- Music player heap to 30MB
- Increased max. volume
- Java permission mod
- Send protected files from default filebrowser
- Splashscreen Chang
- Fota cache to 0
- More Others features . . .

New Widgets :

- Notes Widget like Fp2
- Semi Transparent Analog Clock [Modify from FP2]
- CommsLauncher Widgets
- Small Text Clock
- Small Wifi
- Compect Music Widgets
- My location Widgets
- More Other Widgets...

: Screenshot :

Supported Devices and Info Firmware : Nokia N8 (RM-596)
Firmware : v111.040.1511 - "Vir Belle Refresh v1.0" 

Firmware Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 Download Link :

Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 CORE

Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 ROFS2 And ROFS3

Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 UDA And Other Files

Need Files For Vir Belle Refresh

Credits :
All Molders . . . 

Note for Cooks :

Created With Nokia Cooker


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